About On the Table

Akron Community Foundation is excited to announce the 2023 installment of On the Table! Since 2017, On the Table has brought together nearly 20,000 diverse residents from all walks of life and allowed individuals to come together to discuss topics important to the community. As we move into 2023, Akron Community Foundation invites you to participate in the On the Table Action Challenge. The On the Table Action Challenge strives to build upon previous years’ foundation and provide an immersive experience, empowering participants to go beyond one-time conversations. This challenge consists of seven tasks that will take place February 1-15, 2023.

Research indicates that to impact the institutions (criminal justice, education, employment, healthcare, and housing), we must focus our strategies on changing thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Therefore, we must provide pathways for individuals to increase awareness and willingness to develop new communication patterns and behaviors. We hope that by participating in the Action Challenge, our community will come together to understand and gain knowledge of what it means to see the world through the lens of another. 

  1. READ: Articles, essays, blogs, local poetry, literature, and local bookstores to expand your viewpoints and encourage pursuing different perspectives.
  2. WATCH: Documentaries, programs, short films, TED Talks, and other media. 
  3. LISTEN: Podcasts, local radio stations, local music artists and poets, and other audio media. 
  4. ATTEND: From musical performances, to lectures, plays, spoken word readings, library events and neighborhood meetings, find ways to engage with your neighborhood and its people. 
  5. SUPPORT: Local restaurants, coffee houses, makers, artists, nonprofits and local online businesses.
  6. ENGAGE: Meet another community member you wouldn’t typically interact with for a one-on-one discussion to share lived experiences and talk about the issues that matter most to both of you.
  7. REPORT: Take a quick survey to let us know what you learned from participating in the On the Table Action Challenge.

Questions? Email cmiller@akroncf.org.